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2011 Channeled Spiritual Healing Newsletter

Dear Ones,

What does one write during such difficult times? When one of Spirit wishes to deliver all good things and not alarm the general populous, one must wait until the information to be delivered is received.

"This is a time of the breakdown of the construct. What was can no longer be. The beast is reveling in its glory and it must consume all light in its path - swallow it and die. In this death the phoenix rises (pure light essence) and a new era on earth is born. You will receive this message in different forms from different sources, but from here you receive it in the language that a good majority of us were raised with. Good vs. Evil.

We have reveled in glory and in material possession as this is quite normal for corporeal beings – but we came to this earth with a collective consciousness and Soul consciousness. The first step is that this consciousness needs to be awakened. Once awakened we all connect on a deeper level; a level that shifts our focus from the material to the Spiritual. Here we dwell in the Light of God where our focus becomes about loving one another, Grandmother Earth, all her living beings, and all that is (the Universe and more…).

Compassion, creativity, patience, and freedom are the hallmarks of this shift. We become free from the burden of material possession and the belief that we need more and more material things to make us feel safe. We are freed from greed which is driven by fear. And we awake to the senselessness of war.

This is for all of us. Not the few, but all. In each culture this shift will take place and we will see this common link in one another - The link of love. And we will want to be a part of it and nothing else will satisfy us.

This will be the new golden era of Spiritual awakening as we fully remember God and we will not be satisfied unless we are participating in the process of creation and evolution of Spirit.”

Who knew that in our lifetime we would be a part of such a tremendous awakening?

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