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"Open your heart,

your soul...

To all possibilities for your life and I will support and honor your path to whole healing...


"Healing at the deepest level - the Soul level - allows for full integration into this life experience."

Channeled Spiritual Healing

Each Individual contains their own personal truths, a signature. We each embody historical truths of the physical, mental, psychological, emotional & spiritual. In a channeled spiritual healing session these truths are revealed and healing techniques are applied to heal the whole person on all levels. This work focuses on connecting with and the honoring of your true self. Ultimately it is the very essence of you that, when healed, allows for whole healing to take place.

To support your healing journey...

"When our Soul is healed


our pathway is opened to


create a life of


limitless possibilities."

Soul Awareness

"Soul Awareness - Spiritual Awakening to Self - Knowledge and Healing" is a Spiritual self-help book written to bring us a fresh awareness of what our Soul is and to serve as a guide to help heal at the deepest level - the Soul level."

You are invited - 

This website is an invitation to explore the possibilities for you and for your life -  An invitation to participate in a healing process designed to facilitate your journey - An invitation to actualize and fulfill your true life's purpose -  This work is whole healing at its deepest level.  Enjoy! 

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