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       Why Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis?~

I chose to incorporate hypnotherapy as one of my tools and as a part of my practice, not because I was personally interested in hypnotherapy. In fact I had perceptions about hypnosis that would cause me to avoid the practice all together.  We have all more than likely had these perceptions at one time or another based on what we have been exposed to.  Generally speaking, what comes to mind is the stage hypnotist - "cluck like a chicken" or "sing like Elvis". 


For the most part, we have all been conditioned and exposed to the practice of stage hypnostists and therefore our general understanding can be limited.  But I had a personal experience that influenced me in a way that caused me to pay attention and to research the practice of hypnosis & hypnotherapy. It all began with:  

A Vision Dream -

Without any forethought or influence - one evening I had a dream.  In the dream I was working with a woman, and using healing techniques along with the hypnotherapy.  The dream, visceral and even palpable, was truer to a vision than a dream.  This vision revealed that the component of hypnotherapy would enhance and support the healing modalities that I was already using.  The vision stayed with me for several months until - recognizing that this was not going to leave me - I researched the practice of hypnotherapy and found that this practice was, in fact,  a powerful tool that could be easily incorporated into my existing practice providing that I became well versed and educated in the practice of hypnotherapy.  I researched my options, found a dedicated school with an excellent reputation and studied to become a certified hypnotherapist.

Our everyday "thinking mind", our "conscious mind" is how we generally function in the world.  This is how we get things done, this is how we survive.

In using hypnosis we are together able to release from that "fight or flight" survival response and we are able to access the subconscious mind - a deeply relaxed state -while at the same time remaining aware. This level of relaxation while in hypnosis is a beautiful way to access Higher Consciousness.  Through the Higher Consciousness we tap into our Divine Wisdom.

Divine Wisdom is the communion of Soul Self with the human self.  Here we access the true state of our Soul/human experiences.  Old hurts and wounds come to the surface and reveal themselves.  Here we can work to release from this history. 

The result? The Soul comes forward - your very true essence - to reveal your true identity.  This allows healing to take place on all levels - emotional, physical, psychological & spiritual.

The practice of hypnosis and hypnotherapy  allows the human walls of fear and the restrictions associated with it to fall away - to be released,  In doing so you become an active participant in your own healing process.

More on Hypnotherapy~

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that you may not be aware of.  We go into a natural state of hypnosis several times on any given day. The most natural  and spontaneous state of hypnosis is daydreaming. Daydreaming is characterized by  focused concentration, relaxation, lack of movement and an increase in sensory reception.  Other examples of naturally occurring hypnosis are; watching TV, reading a book, and highway hypnosis.  Every day we are subject to hypnosis induction by way of TV commercials, advertising, and good speakers.  You'll note that during any of these natural states of hypnosis you can switch from this state to your conscious mind.  The conscious mind is simply the rational thinking mind.  You can make a choice to turn off the TV - become more aware of your driving etc.  just by deciding to do so, and so it is with hypnosis. 

While in hypnosis whether in naturally occurring hypnosis or in therapeutic hypnosis, you do not become unconscious.  You cannot be made to do something against your will.You are simply in your subconscious mind - a relaxed state rather than fully in your conscious mind which is our ego.  The conscious mind is easily distracted and it's concentration rate is only twenty-five percent efficient.  This is the state of mind that analyzes and criticizes.  In the subconscious state the concentration efficiency is at a minimum of ninety-five percent.  Again, we are in our subconscious mind when we are daydreaming, in meditation and in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is simply a way of relaxing and setting aside the conscious mind while at the same time activating the subconscious mind so that suggestions can be made directly.  Keep in mind that most hypnosis is self-hypnosis, which means that it is you who decides whether or not you will accept this hypnotic state.  The gift of the hypnosis lies with the person being hypnotized, not the hypnotist.  A hypnotic state can not be forced on a person.  It is you who is in control at all times in the process of hypnosis & hypnotherapy.

Come travel with me...

Into your Higher Consciousness-

It is a gifted experience when you open yourself to your own eternal wisdom and travel to your internal calling.  

Allowing this process of expansion opens your very center, creating space - creating consciousness - to a renewed and remarkable life...

Together we can explore the root causes of addiction - weight loss - fears...

Blessings to you in your Journey...

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