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I search for words to describe the extraordinary depth and shift I experienced at our session. I acknowledge you for your guidance and partnership. Standing in a lightness with freedom to be.

Bonnie B.


After finding the courage to leave an abusive relationship I was struggling to feel safe and at peace in my home. A trusted friend suggested I contact Carol to do a clearing.  During the session I began to relax for the first time in years.  Carol was also sensitive to my cats who had been traumatized as well.  She spent a few minutes with each.  By the time she was done the whole house felt at peace and that night I slept in my bed - all night (with the cats) for the first time in a very long time. It was a very positive step in my recovery.  I have since started to see Carol to help with healing my soul.  She is a truly gifted healer that has gotten me farther on my true path in a few sessions than a lifetime of searching has produced.

Lisa N.


It has been a tremendous gift to experience and witness what true and gifted healer Carol is. Through her work I have been deeply rewarded, profoundly affected and moved with awe. In every facet of my life, and with regard to many of my personal ills, Carol has helped me to heal and grow in ways that I could never have predicted and to degrees I’ve previously only hoped were possible. I am eternally grateful to her for her work and I deeply respect her willingness and courage to pursue, develop and share the great gifts that she has been blessed with to meet the varied and real needs of others.

Michael A

St. Paul, MN

The experience of working with Carol helps not only the body, but the mind, spirit and soul as well. She is intuitive in ways you didn’t even know you needed. She is helpful in guiding you along life’s path and she has a gentle and loving way about her that puts you at ease. She is forthright yet kind in her approach and the work continues to help and support you long after the session has ended. Working with Carol is an experience that you will never forget. Enjoy her many gifts and blessings!

Robin L

Lake Bluff, IL

Carol is a gifted, intuitive, insightful healer – her ability to tap into the Divine and let Spirit move freely through her enables her to receive information and to go to places that few are able to access. Carol has God given gifts of insight, courage, joyfulness and spontaneity that greatly enhances her healing ability and enlivens her relationship with her clients’. Carol has been able to get right to the core issue of my challenges and has brought me great insight into outside influences that have negatively affected my life. I now live my life empowered and physically present in my body. Thank you, Carol, you are truly a Blessing.

JoAnne M


Carol is a wonderful healer who can help with many kinds of ailments from physical injuries to emotional issues to stress for yourself or your pets. She has personally helped me through tough times at work as well as a surgery and I highly recommend everyone see her!

Theresia B


If you have any interest in pursuing Carol's unique services, I encourage you to do so. Carol is blessed with a gift that is life-changing to those she works on. She truly does conduct healing at a spiritual, soul level. I can't explain it, but it made a vast difference in my life.

Karen S


It is without hesitation that I recommend Carol. She is an insightful, thoughtful and caring individual who takes the time to get to know a persons needs and works with them until those needs are met and even beyond. Carol is a person with great integrity and is always willing to go the extra steps to help you reach your goals. I am blessed to have had the pleasure to work with her.

Amy L

US Department of Veteran Affairs

I believe Carol was brought into my life, to help guide me into a better understanding of the things that most people don't fully understand (or like to acknowledge even exist for that matter) My energy & intuition have always been strong, but I didn't really realize until after our meeting, that there is something "special" there. I've had visions my entire life but thought they were just weird dreams, so I brushed them off as such. After our very first meeting however, I took a step back from my "ego" and I realized there may just be a reason for the things I've experienced after all. So I thank Carol for helping me see these truths and to help set my path so I can start to explore the depth of my being and my Spirituality.

Laurie W.


During my first session I thought we would only focus on whatever was draining my energy. Instead we covered areas like being raised by controlling parents; never feeling good enough; perfectionism; my job and work situation, and so much more. I learned SO much about myself and my situation.


Carol had insight into things that there was no way she could have known the things that she did about me! Her gift is truly amazing! Thank you Carol, for opening my eyes and my heart. Thank you for helping me find my knowing child. Thank you for showing me my daughter's purpose in our relationship. When I told my daughter that you said that she was saying "I'm proud of you" she said, "Mom...I tell you that all of the time... and I am!" I never really heard it, or knew it in my heart, until my heart was open to hear.


Carol worked with my mother remotely during my session and then afterward, seeing my Mother Christmas Eve was so interesting. She was... different... not controlling. It was wonderful. I'm still taking in all that we discussed and all that happened during our session. It was truly a life changing experience for me. Thank you for following "your" path and sharing your gift with me. I look forward to moving ahead in my life and claiming my life with the support of your gifts and insights!

Janelle V.


I have spent many years knowing that I was missing something in my life and I was not able to get the answers I needed. I went to counseling, I was on anti depressants, I looked for help in the church and through friends. A mutual friend introduced me to Carol and her work. It happened at a time in my life when I was ready to receive what Carol has to offer. In one healing session with Carol. I got more than I had in three years of counseling. I could actually FEEL again. The first time I caught myself just smiling and feeling happy. It caught me off guard. I hadn't done that in years. Its simply amazing. Carol is blessed with a true gift and she has helped me find healing in my life that I was afraid I would never have."  

Karen S.


I was referred to Carol about a year ago. After my first session with her, I felt a dramatic shift in my overall well being. She helped me deal with some issues that I have been ignoring for years, through a very difficult and traumatic time in my life along with an acute anxiety episode I was going through. I have been to energy healers in the past and by far, my best experience has been with Carol! Not only have I felt better immediately after having sessions with her, but my day to day life and how I handle things have dramatically changed for the better. I would most definitely recommend Carol to anyone who needs energy work done whether it's due to normal day to day stress or anyone in need of help while going through any traumatic or stressful time in their lives!!

Cara C.


I am the fortunate recipient of Carol's talent as a healer and seer.  She has been an important force in my life, assisting me in gaining access to actualizing my potential. She removed obstacles that prevented me from reaching goals.  Her unwavering support aided me during very challenging times when fear dissolved my personal power, sabotaged my motivation, and jaded my perception. 


Carol's healing abilities contributed to the successes I achieved in school and in my career.  Carol has always worked with integrity and for the greater good of all in any situation.  Carol will continue to be a part of my life as a friend and guide who will always lead me toward truth.

Breathing Light, J.M.

Chicago, Illinois

I am a 20 year survivor of HIV.  I was introduced to Carol by one of the volunteers that I work with, Judy, who is now my friend.  In the beginning Judy and I had a fairly superficial relationship - she did her work and I did mine.  We talked a lot about our frustrations and troubles.  We were sympathetic complainers.  Then Judy started working with Carol.

In just over a year, Judy went from downtrodden about the circumstances of her life to a state of what I would call empowerment.  She imagined what her ideal job would be - and found it.  She stopped complaining and started discussing positive solutions to dilemmas - and mine.  I knew I had to meet Carol.

I was nervous about meeting Carol, but when we met, she was warm and welcoming.  she asked me to sit wherever or however I wanted.  She explained everything she might do or experience during the next hour together and she burned sage to clear us.  She told me that  this was "my time" and then began to chant softly while moving around me with a "singing bowl".  All of this put me completely at ease.

In a trance-like mood and without asking any questions she began to explain what she was sensing about me.  She told me where she sensed good energy & where she sensed me holding energy back.  She told me not to be afraid of being who I am, which we discussed at length.  That part I will not share, it is my gold.

I left feeling lighter, giddy.  I have since begun to take hugely positive steps in my life.  I have a clearer understanding of who I am and what I want to do in my life.  Carol cleared a lot of negative self-talk, which had been holding me back from what I needed and wanted to do in my life.  She helped me find the confidence to do it.

I have seen many "spiritualists" over the last twenty years.  Some have had the gift and others have not.  People like Carol are hard to find, but these are the people who have helped me to survive - and thrive - with a disease that has killed millions.

See what Carol can do for you.

John B.

Chicago, Il

I met Carol in a Yoga class about 3 years ago.  One of the reasons that I do Yoga is to calm down my angry, flaring, jumpy high energy.  Also, I am a natural skeptic.  When I met Carol and heard about what she does, my first reaction was that it was so outlandish, that I had to try a session and prove to myself how frivolous her work was.

The session with Carol was interesting, non-threatening, and amusing.  Carol can 'get' you quickly, and she is masterful at focusing on you and what you are saying, both verbally and non-verbally.  A little sage burning, a little drum beating, some feather waving and hand gestures...interesting , but 'Yea right, this will make a difference', was my private thought.

After the session, I felt good (but I'd just done Yoga too!).  I didn't sense any strong differences in myself.  But, like turning the Queen Mary, the effects of Carol's work are at first subtle or not even noticeable.  It's the days and weeks afterward when the changes became evident.

Some of the changes for me were:

• An increased intuitive awareness of what others are saying and why they are doing certain things.  What's going on with them 'under the radar'.
• A feeling of acceptance and joy about who I am.  I have a warrior-type disposition, and I need to use that energy toward good and healing, not sabotage and hurting.
• A stronger 'inner guidance system' about how to approach life's challenges and dilemmas.  When and how to intervene, and when to let it be.
• A clearer focus about my purpose in this life.
• More calmness and patience with others and myself.
• What Carol does, doesn't make sense.  It doesn't live in the logical/rational domain that our culture loves and defends.  But what Carol does has

• Worked miracles in my life, especially with my family, my relationships with others, and my job.

Do not miss the chance to work with Carol.  She is a gifted healer and is all that she claims to be.


Winnetka, IL

In many ways, dogs are like children.  They are unique, and they learn and grow when there is a space of love, respect, patience and communication.  Also, dogs, like kids, are masterful at picking up on people's vibes and energies.  And they have their own energy patterns too. 


Carol worked with our newly adopted German Shepherd, Davey, as well as me, to change our relationship from a frustrated (me) and fearful (Davey) one to an open, trustful, playful one. 

Before Carol, Davey was afraid of me - he would avoid me, and not follow commands.  After Carol worked with both of us, Davey began to shift his behavior.  He began to not avoid me, started greeting me at the door, invited me to play ball with him, and began listening to my commands.  After about 6 weeks, he did these behaviors about 80% of the time.  Now after 4 months, he is relaxed and playful with me nearly all of the time.  I don't know what Carol did, but it worked!

Judy J.

Chicago, IL

Carol did an excellent job on our house clearing.  Her intuitive and no-nonsense approach was highly effective.  I could really feel the energy shift in the house as she worked her magic.  When she finished it felt as if we had a new house.  In my undertanding, there were traumas that took place in the house based on it's history.  Carol picked up on the subtlety of energies - what previous people had essentially left there and there was also some spirit occupation.  Even my dog let Carol know that he suffered from a degree of trauma, of which Carol graciously addressed and worked with him to heal those traumas.  What a powerful experience - I would recommend Carol any day!

Tara S.

St. Paul, MN

I have a remarkable story to share about my experience with Carol and her ability to work over the phone and remotely.  I contacted Carol from Houston Texas back in 2001 and asked her to do a remote healing on my 4 cats.  My fiance' and I had recently brought together two sets of cats (his & mine) who were trying to adjust to our new lives together. 

My one large tabby, Stavy, who normally is very loving and even tempered became a bit of a bully - picking on the other cats and exerting his dominance.  Two of the newly introduced cats, Marina & Maggie were in conflict.

The most pressing issue was that Maggie developed seizures.  I brought Maggie to the veterinarian and had her thoroughly examined.  The veterinarian was baffled and unable to come up with a diagnosis or treatment for Maggie.  The seizures were not getting better but fortunately I had heard of Carol and her work so I gave her a call.

Carol first worked with Maggie.  She could see that Maggie's delicate and sensitive nature was the underlying reason for her intense response to change and conflict.  Carol could see all 4 cats and how their personalities were, at that juncture, in conflict.  Carol indicated that 2 of the cats were adjusting to a new location, while all 4 were adjusting to the new living arrangement.

Carol did her work while we were on the phone.  I noticed that Maggie was particularly drawn to the phone conversation and the work that was taking place.  In so many ways the result of the work was miraculous - I could hardly believe it!  Maggie's seizures stopped, completely stopped.  The cats all settled in and became adjusted to their new situation, in what I can only describe as immediate.  Maggie has not had a single seizure since Carol's healing and it has been 4 years!

Additionally, since that time, while our family moved to the UK, I asked Carol to assist with the cats remotely as they traveled in the underbelly of the plane.  The cats arrived in the UK perfectly fine and remarkably calm.  I know that Carol's assistance helped to create this very positive outcome.

Since I have been in the UK I myself have had phone sessions with Carol & I can attest that the results are powerful & supportive.

Erin T-D

Cheltenham, UK

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