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"Whatever Grace....
I am given to act in the capacity of healer - 
I openly, and with love, share this gift with you."


A Personal Journey...


Carol's journey & gifts were first realized beginning in childhood. As a child growing up in a small town in Northern Minnesota, she held the gifts of intuition, clairvoyance, psychic & empathic abilities. With these gifts, her awareness, care and compassion for others was expressed beginning at an early age. People were naturally drawn to Carol and they consistently opened up their hearts and minds to Carol within minutes of meeting her. Carol had the same experience with animals, companion or otherwise. This has remained true throughout her lifetime.


Carol's family home held spirits and at a young age she communicated with those spirits in an effort to create harmony in the household. These experiences were some of the first steps in her preparation for a lifetime that would eventually come full circle into understanding and embracing her life's calling.


As an adult Carol took employment in a traditional field. After working for a number of years for the government, Carol became seriously physically ill. This bodily wake up call led her to seek out alternative forms of healing. Carol became involved with an alternative health care clinic - first as a patient - and then as an employee where she expanded her knowledge of honoring & healing the body through nutrition, acupuncture, massage & energy healing.


She became the clinics Visceral Therapist, a form of internal organ massage, and it was here that she re-attuned to her own awareness of her ability to see physical pain, emotional pain and illness, without having been informed of a patient's specific condition. Shortly after this discovery a chinese Qi-Gong Master - Master Chun Yi Lin - was introduced to the clinic - one of the first in the United States.


Carol received the internal calling to study with this Master, and it was here that she acknowledged and came to accept her natural abilities and gifts as healer and intuitive. Later, she continued her studies with a 35th generation Shaolin Master - Quantum healer, Dr. Kam Yuen, and through these practices her natural gifts were fully realized and her work developed on it's own accord into the form of healing practice that exists today.


In her work with individuals, she addresses all aspects of the full form human being. The intellectual, physical, psychological & spiritual. Here techniques of Qi-Gong and Quantum Energy healing are applied. Carol has found, in all cases of working with the "whole human being" that the master component is the recognition, acceptance, honoring & finally the healing of the source - the Soul - that promotes ultimate healing.


This is the basis of her work. All of the aspects of her work; Channeled Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Messenger, Soul Journey Recognition & Faciliation, Animal Healing, House & Property Clearing, Spirit Channeling; these have all naturally evolved and come forward in the work simply as a result of study and Carol's natural abilities and openess to receive from the Greater Good. In other words, she channels Love - pure & simple - from the Universal Source of Love. This ultimately creates the opening for healing & influences the final result in all her work.


Carol's background and education include:


3rd Level Yuen Method Full Spectrum Healing Practitioner

4th Level Spring Forest QiGong Practitioner

5 PathTM Certified Hypnotherapist

7th PathTM Certified Hypnotherapist & 7th PathTM Self Hypnosis Instructor

Certified Master Hypnotist

NGH Certified Hypnotherapist

Visceral Therapist Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Geopathic Stress Line Practitioner


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