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What is true healing?

True healing is opening and receiving Divine unconditional love and releasing from ego -


It is simply to connect with and be open to Love.

There is no greater guide than your Internal - Eternal living Soul.

This healing process allows you to see your true self - the very gifted nature of you.

Yes - spontaneous physical healing can take place.

Yes - lives change - release from negative habit patterns, release from destructive life patterns, and release from emotional blockages.

Yes - shifting of one's very core takes place as we move into true callings for Life - Soul - Purpose.

This is what happens when you access truth - your truth and the Universal Truths of Love, Compassion & Acceptance.

How do I help with healing?

I am given to act in the capacity of healer; I openly, and with love, share this gift with you.

I act as a guide to your Internal self - your Higher Consciousness - your God self.


My work as your guide is to energetically shine a light into your Eternal self -  and my medicine bag holds the tools of Qi Gong, Quantum Healing and Hypnotherapy.


The golden key to your healing, however, is when I channel Spirit and I am guided by the Greater Good to shift and remove pain back to the very beginning of your Soul's journey.

      Channeled Spiritual Healing 

Each Individual contains their own personal truths, a signature. We each embody historical truths of the physical, mental, psychological, emotional & spiritual. In a channeled spiritual healing session these truths are revealed and healing techniques are applied to heal the whole person on all levels. This work focuses on connecting with and the honoring of your true self. Ultimately it is the very essence of you that, when healed, allows for whole healing to take place. 


When channeling in session I tap into your individual Soul energy; your personal truths; your personal signature; your personal history, going back as far as the beginning of your Soul journey.  Here I “channel” from the greater good, the Divine, for your greatest good, and using the tools of Qigong, Quantum Healing, and Hypnotherapy, access the root cause of your issues whether they are physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual.  Once identified, I work to heal the injuries, and it is at this time that personal messages come through for you.  These channeled words are words of healing, words of direction and words of facilitation.




This is a combination of Hypnotherapy & Channeled Healing work.  This approach is a wonderful tool that allows us to access the Higher Consciousness.  This facilitates the release of the energetic and emotional blockages and traumas that can hinder your full expression and actualization of life purpose. Click here to go to my complete page on Hypnotherapy.


“Carol's healing abilities contributed to the successes I achieved in school and in my career. 

Carol has always worked with integrity and for the greater good of all in any situation. 

Carol will continue to be a part of my life as a friend and guide who will always lead me toward truth."

Breathing Light, J.M., Chicago, Illinois




      Animal Healing & Communication–

The same healing process is used with animals as with humans.  In a healing session the animal's truths are revealed and healing techniques are then applied.  Often times an animal will have needs or information to share with their companion human.  This is when information that the animal wishes to communicate to his/her human companion is revealed and communicated through me. 

My natural intuitive, psychic, empathic abilities and gifts allow me to transcend the language barrier that normally exists between humans & animals.

Animals communicate by revealing their needs and desires psychically.  Here I am able to psychically communicate in return, address and resolve issues, and as needed, direct healing energy into the animal to address physical ills.  My ability to communicate psychically with animals results in their ability to then communicate to me what their needs and desires are.

Keep in mind that because animals - and particularly companion animals - have this psychic ability - they will frequently take on the issues of their human companions.  They either experience the issues, suffer from the issues, or try to empathically heal the issues of their companion human, whether it be physical, emotional or mental (sometimes this works).  When this happens it is appropriate to do healing work with the human in the relationship first or in conjunction with the companion animal.

There is no limit to this communication and there is no limit to the use of Universal healing energy to resolve issues that exist.

"In many ways dogs are like children - they are unique and they learn and grow when there is a space

of love, respect, patience and communication. Also dogs, like kids, are masterful at picking up on

people's vibes and energies. And they have their own energy patterns too.


Carol worked with our newly adopted German Shepherd, Davey, as well as me, to change

our relationship from a frustrated (me) and fearful (Davey) one to an open, trustful,

playful one. Before Carol, Davey was afraid of me - he would avoid me, and not follow commands.

After Carol worked with both of us, Davey began to shift his behavior. He began to not avoid me,

started greeting me at the door, invited me to play ball with him and listened to my commands.

After about 6 weeks, he did these new behaviors about 80% of the time. Now after 4 months he

is relaxed and playful with me nearly all of the time. I don't know what Carol did, but it worked!"

      Judy J. & Davey                

Animal Healing
Energy Healing
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