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Your Soul expresses itself.  Your Soul communicates.  Your Soul reveals who you are and your true journey and purpose in this lifetime.  In channeling I receive this vital information about the key to your personal truth. 


In this process your Higher Consciousness bridges the gap between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind allowing you to experience & become aware of your true self.

Soul Healing

      Soul Journey Recognition & Facilitation

Before Soul work can begin in the present - Soul work must first be done back to birthing on earth and the integration of ourselves fully into human form.  This means DNA integration and energetic healing is needed to create a "comfort" into human form.  Finally, any healing that needs to take place in prior lifetimes is necessary.

Once accomplished - the Soul fully reveals it's true nature - its energy.  In these moments the Soul is  able to communicate its intent, desire & purpose.

I facilitate this Soul healing work as I guide you through the process of connecting with your true nature - your true being.  You become fully centered into yourself and you are guided to your true purpose in this lifetime.

My gift is the ability to tap into the Divine and channel healing energy into the very Soul level of the human being.  I believe all healing begins here as we release from old injury and allow our Soul to come forward and to become more present in the world - healed & empowered.

“Carol has always worked with integrity and for the greater good of all in any situation.”

                                                                                                                                          ~J.M. - Chicago

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