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      House & Property Clearing ~

I work to clear out old energetic patterning on the quantum level which serves to cleanse the property of any negative and disruptive influences.


With my gifts comes, what seems to be an infinite awareness of energetic patterning as it exists in the material (earthly) and non-material (spiritual plane).  Houses, buildings and other property can carry energetic patterning of both positive and negative natures.  Property can hold energetic patterning of happiness, joy, unification.  The opposite of course also holds true, property can hold energetic patterning of anger, sadness and separation. 

Older homes and buildings can carry the energy patterns of all of the previous owners or occupants.  Land can carry the energy patterns of previous inhabitants of the land itself.  Even new buildings can carry the energetic patterning of the builders.

How do you know if this is an issue?  If you have noticed negative feelings in your home/building/property - things just don't feel right - or if you notice a change in behavior in yourself or other family members or business associates since moving into or occupying the property - it may be because of residual energetic patterning left behind from any of the aforementioned.

A common concern can also be spirit occupation.  With spirit occupation the "symptoms" can be wide ranged and varied. 

I have the ability to discern what the present conditions are in and around your property - what the issues are and what it is that you may be dealing with.  Whatever the situation, I have the tools to clear and clean away any currently active or residual energetic patterning and also communicate with and release any resident spirits.

"Carol did an excellent job on our house clearing.  Her intuitive and no-nonsense approach was highly effective. 

I could really feel the energy shift in the house as she worked her magic.  When she finished it felt as if we had a new house. 

In my understanding, there were traumas that took place in the house based on its history.” 

Tara S., Saint Paul, Minnesota


      Geopathic Stress Lines/Geomancy ~


Geopathic Stress lines are invisible energy lines that emanate from the body of the earth up to the surface of earth and beyond.  Although naturally occurring, a variety of natural and man-made factors "amp" up the frequency of these naturally occurring lines.  Symptoms of amped geopathic stress lines include: immune system issues, fatigue, headaches, and appliances breaking down frequently, just to name a few.  I work with a variety of tools to clear and heal these energies that can affect your home, your health and your business.  Geomancy can be considered "the mother of the natural sciences" the ancient holistic science of living in harmony with the earth which dates back to the first century AD

Random spirits, lost spirits, confused or misguided spirits all need a little help in finding their way back to the path of their own journey.  Spiritual manifestations can be disruptive and can influence behavior patterns in humans & animals as well as the property itself.  I communicate with these Spirits, offering healing and assistance to them so that they can move on in their journey willingly and free of fear. 

Additionally, energetic patterning can be left behind at a property by human individuals.  Their circumstances and their history can influence the new members of the household and the property itself. 

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