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      Spirit Channeling ~

Often times in a session a spirit that you have shared a history with will come through.  Sometimes they come through to share a message or to deal with an unresolved issue.  Carol does not personally call to a spirit to request that they communicate, rather, they will come through quite naturally as needed for you as a part of your personal healing journey.  This can also include animal spirits & the presentation of spirit guides as well.  Angels frequently make appearances to assist in your healing.

      Spirit Communication ~

My natural intuitive, psychic, empathic abilities and gifts allow me to transcend the invisible veil of communication between the earthly plane and the spirit world.  As a result I am able to translate into human language realities that exist on the spirit level.

Spirit guides, Soul guides, family and friends who have passed from this world have the opportunity to communicate through me.  I honor this process by acting as an intermediary.  When a need exists the other worldly forms choose to come through to deliver a message or to communicate some other need. 

"Carol is a gifted, intuitive and insightful healer - she has been able to get right to the core issue of my challenges and has brought me great insight into outside influences that have negatively affected my life."

JoAnne M.

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