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Sum-all Channeled Newsletter 2007

Dear One,

Intellectually I wanted you to receive this newsletter right around the summer solstice, but spiritually I was guided along another path. Sum-all is the combination of Summer and Fall, and as we travel into the fall time I am able to release what I have written over this summer combined with newly received “preparation for fall” information. As always I believe that the timing is exactly as it should be.

Know that it has not been an easy task, because as I receive the information, on a very human level I find that even I am resistant to it. Funny thing being human; we create internal struggle by our simple resistance to change. And yet all things must. As I receive so that I might give - may Blessings and hope pour into your very being.

Summer of the Shake Down

We all just wanted to rest in summer and take in the abundance of nature but the truth is, the reality is, that we are now experiencing a planetary transition – we are actually experiencing a solar system/universe transition. There have been many illnesses in all that is possible for a human being to experience; there is much physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual upheaval. The shift is great enough that some of us will be leaving the planet. You will have noticed in your own personal life that you are experiencing pains that you have never experienced before – this again is a resistance to change. Resistance is fear; fear is the opposite of faith. These are particularly difficult and challenging times and we continue to be called internally to align with Higher Source. You may feel that you have been abandoned. You may feel that darkness is all around and influencing every outcome of pain. Consider this children; it is your own resistance to the flow and ebb of this life and the need to control outcomes that create your disconnection. As a result some of you will not continue to travel this life – understand that everything has purpose and there is no waste, your Soul journey continues. Whether you stay or leave this planet understand further that we will all die to our old ways and selves. The collective consciousness is shifting to a new level. It is rising, the energy is moving upward and outward. Spirituality on this planet is deepening and preparation for what is to come is underway.


The earth itself has changed and continues to change; the planet has shifted in space itself – it is almost as if it was picked up and dropped and it is no longer on the exact same course that it has been for a millennia. There is a deep internal “jostle” that has taken place with a pervasive sense of unease. Whether is be the metaphorical representation of shifts in planetary power or an actual physical shift, it is enough where all creatures are experiencing the effects. The magnetic field has hiccuped deep within Grandmother Earth and the question is; why?

Before 2012

The diversity of beliefs, faiths, and understandings on this planet are coming into alignment; in other words coming into agreement. The Mayans predicted world change in 2012. Astrologers predict the same beginning markedly as soon as 2008. Evangelical Christians are making reference to world events and aligning them in action with Scripture and Armageddon and yet another belief system called Ascension/Divine Cosmos predicts the same. So we are being made further aware, every day, of how our lives are going to change. Yes it is uncomfortable and it is hard for me now to write these words as I see your pain. But know this; we are in the process of birthing. Ripe with the pregnancy of our personal and collective history and actions, combined with the Universal consciousness, we now begin labor, and yes, labor can be painful, but also beautiful. The end result is creation, new life. Let us all remember creation.

Love One Another

How do we choose the path of faith instead of fear? We must first understand that we are first and foremost here on the planet in a gifted way. Yes this life is a gift and being in human form is precious. But we couldn’t be here in the body, robe, without our internal battery, that internal spark, that invisible but visible energy deep within our beings – our very Soul. The Soul is no random energy. It is a part of the Divine and we all have this. The Divine waits for us all to recall our connection, the purest form of energy, that which is life itself, that which is God itself and that is pure love energy. It is a simple yet difficult task. The human being wants to survive, wants to control its environment and to be safe. The human being wants to create these same things for their children. It is survival and we need this. We could not have made the progress (survived) on this planet without that survival instinct. But it is in this human form that we need to keep our understanding of what survival is in check. Once it goes beyond actual survival without connection to spirit, it becomes something else. Once survival needs are met, if we do not become conscious of our internal spirituality then we have not made a conscious choice about aligning with it. We lack spiritual consciousness and stay focused on survival and comfort. If we haven’t become aware of our internal selves at this point our energy and attention begins to revolve around fear. Will I have enough? What will happen to my children? Who will provide for me in my old age? It is time to release from these limiting fears and mis-perceptions about self care.

World (Universal) change is a great motivator to get you thinking at the very least about spirituality and your internal spirit! Once you’ve starting thinking about it you’ve begun your alignment. Once you’ve made a choice (to accept that Divine Love is a part of your life/being) you can begin the journey one simple step at a time. Reunion with the Divine is Sacred and beautiful. Remember it is a journey and every journey does begin with one simple step. Reunite, remember, and say yes. Once you do this you have created a space for the pure love energy of the Divine to enter into your Soul. The more you work with this, the more you accept this love, the more whole and complete you become; the more guided you are, the more support you receive. You are aligning with something more than the human experience and yet in doing so you find your humanity. You see the love in other humans now; you see the love in the creation of all around you. Your heart center opens and you feel the connection to everything. Now you are walking in faith knowing that you are a part of something more than the human experience. What a beautiful thing – to love one another.

Care for One Another

It is a time of giving and receiving as well. It is time to give of our time and resources where we haven’t before. This comes out of either sheer obligation or necessity or as an act of generosity – but we will be compelled to give, to spend more time in generosity but there is a flip side to this and that is the receiving side. As we make this shift and we release from past controls, we come to understand why we have used this control and have viewed our almost absolute independence as strength. This is for each individual to discern for themselves. Now when offered help, graciously, humbly, lovingly and with trust – receive it.

*Carol channels "information" and the source is Divine. In this information is imbedded Love and loving messages which, with loving intention, heal and raise the level of ones Soul consciousness*

*All content on this website is protected by copyright law - no part of this websites content may be copied in any form without the express permission of the author Carol J. Murto.

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