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Good Friday

My experience in church on Good Friday

It is my hope that I deliver this message clearly and that it is well received. I believe I have received this information and was given this experience to share with others so that we can better understand Jesus and our connection to God.

I love Easter. Easter is spring and life. It has always meant life to me and the Christian celebration of resurrection has fascinated me since childhood. One of y favorite celebrations/ceremonies in the Catholic Church is the Good Friday Mass and veneration of the cross.

In this particular year and having recently resigned from the church choir, I attended afternoon Good Friday Mass. At the point in which the congregation is invited to go to the cross at the altar and connect with the Spirit of Christ and the resurrection itself – to some to give thanks – the music began; “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?”. I stepped into the aisle and one of my choir mates walked next to me and we sang together as we walked toward the cross. When it was my turn at the cross, I walked up and placed my hand on it.

In one moment, I left my body and entered into an altered state. I saw flashes of millions of people; I heard the cries and felt the suffering of the multitudes. This was the experience of Jesus. The physical pain was just that, but Jesus was – in these moments of his journey – taking on the suffering of humankind. Everyone – everywhere. The pain and suffering found its roots in the separation of humankind from God.

The level and depth of suffering were equal to the degree of separation. Energetically this condition began to shift, through Jesus’ (God’s) willingness to forgive the ego that humans had taken on to claim independence from the Creator. In truth, however, this notion and belief are impossible as our Souls are a piece of the Creator. So, the suffering in humankind was our belief of disconnect from God and forgetting our own truth and meaning of life.

Our truth is - To receive Love and to Live Love. And in the moment of Jesus’ physical death on the cross, we were all energetically (God) released from suffering and awakened to our creation and our connection to Life and God.

I wept and could barely stand, I managed to pull myself away from the cross and make my way back to where I was sitting in church. The congregation was crying, I was crying. The Mass ended and I made my way back home; stunned and in awe of the gift of the information that I received.

All I could do upon returning home was lay down on my bed. As I lay there, I felt love – unconditional motherly love. In those moments I came to understand that it was the Blessed Mother with me. She came to administer to me. I didn’t ask – she simply came to me.

We all need to know Jesus and the miracle of life we have been given. What a grace to know that we have only to acknowledge this truth and in doing so, we have the opportunity to explore our true selves and live – in God – and live purposefully in love.


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