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Heavenly Visit

Heavenly Visit

I am humbled and in awe about the Higher Conscious vision I had revealing many lifetimes, but the most important piece & what I share today was my trip to the Heavenly Realm, where I met Jesus. This is most important of all because the message received is for everyone – and we all need to receive an understanding about where we came from and who we are.

I became aware that I was in a place of light. I saw dozens and dozens of human-shaped forms – all smiling at me. As I walked up to them, they parted like a gate opening, and from the center – out stepped Jesus.

Unlike the others, he was “embodied” in solid form with a brilliant light surrounding him. He rushed to me and embraced me. He said “I love you – you are one of my own.”

The feeling and energy of the Heavenly Realm was pure love. Whatever love you have experienced in your lifetime, multiply that feeling of love by billions or more. The love was so intense I can scarcely describe it. It was love and it was calm, it was joy and it was exciting. It was overwhelming and glorious.

This is where we came from – this is where we return. This is also the energy we bring to our planet earth embodied in human form. This is the gift we have always been meant to share. To recognize that God is pure energy and the energy is Love.

This is the gift that we are a part of and is never to be denied. Rather our calling and purpose are to share and live this life with love. Our focus is to share the love with one another and the planet and all its creation.

This is our legacy, what we have been Blessed and gifted with. If we make the conscious choice, we bring this to our reality and live it.

When we have fulfilled this journey of love on planet earth, we are released and returned to our Heavenly Home.

May your choices in all things be based in love. Live your life as Jesus has prescribed, to love one another and fulfill your Soul’s purpose. Simply love.


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