2010 Universal Message Accountability

A narrow window of time is currently open to us. But the window is open (for about another year and a half – closely approaching 2012) and this is our opportunity. Now is the time to make the right decision. Whether in business or in your personal life, now is the time to stop – take a moment and evaluate your thoughts and actions. It is in the action that we take now that determines our Spiritual outcome. If we have not yet released from fear we need to make a concerted effort to do so. There is only one way in which I know of to really release from fear, and that is to establish a working relationship with the Divine so that you can receive the real assistance that you will need to re

2010 Channeled Newsletter Be Hopeful

Dear Ones, Be hopeful in all you do. Know that you are cherished beyond measure and your presence here on planet earth is so very, very important. You are a part of all that is, all that was and all that is to come. Your suffering is not in vain. Your accomplishments hold lasting value. When you give and live from the heart you do the right thing. Heal one another through love and compassion and once again, do not allow fear to direct your thoughts and actions. These are some of the most difficult times that you have ever experienced. The loss feels tremendous, and yet with loss comes love; love that is extended to you from the Divine into your Soul and from others who will offer thei

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