2011 Channeled Spiritual Healing Newsletter

Dear Ones, What does one write during such difficult times? When one of Spirit wishes to deliver all good things and not alarm the general populous, one must wait until the information to be delivered is received. "This is a time of the breakdown of the construct. What was can no longer be. The beast is reveling in its glory and it must consume all light in its path - swallow it and die. In this death the phoenix rises (pure light essence) and a new era on earth is born. You will receive this message in different forms from different sources, but from here you receive it in the language that a good majority of us were raised with. Good vs. Evil. We have reveled in glory and in materia

2011 Year of Angels

This is a powerful year in the presence of Angels. Haven’t they always been with us? Yes, but this is a special year of invitation to connect with and to honor the Angels. They are our helpers and our guides and we need only ask and we will be supported. Remember the Angels have existed since time immemorial and they are assigned to assist us and act as intermediaries to the Divine. Once you personally invite them into your life you will experience the wonder of their support. The number 11 is auspicious in that it is an Angel number. If over the years you have experienced an attraction to repeating numbers, such as those viewed on a clock, digital or otherwise, such as; 1:11, 2:22,

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