Remembering Who We Are (once again) September 2020 We have lost touch with our selves; our sensitivity, our relationship to each other and our connection to the earth. We have been wounded by each other and the darkness that dwells within. When fear takes over our minds and hearts we diminish the power and reality of love. And suddenly we forget our connection to the Divine. Much time has passed, unconscious. How could we possibly forget? We’ve spent a lifetime nurturing our internal selves. Some have done this through their church, others through personal spiritual practice, or both... And then the world became scarier – threatening – we don’t feel safe. So it’s time to wake up – choose fa

A Path Through to the Other Side

2020 Pandemic A Path through to the other side April 2020 It is scary - but there is even more to be afraid of than the virus! Like the source. Which is unclear at this time - this is a wake up call. Remember that fear has a very negative effect on the immune system. So what do you do? Treat it like a pandemic - be very very smart. Limit trips to the store - wear a mask or scarf (maybe today the government will finally confirm this - I haven't watched the news yet). And speaking of news - limit the amount you watch. We know what this is and how to handle it already. Watching too many negative news feed is like eating poison. Knock it off! Get your affairs in order. Love everyone - let them k

The Evolving Condition of Humanity

June 2018 So what do the “sensitives” or “Highly Sensitive Persons”* do when the world has gone mad? Well, this one (me) went underground as many sensitives have. Here’s what the madness is designed to teach us. Right now I crawl out my protective cocoon long enough to share what truths I have received (spiritual messages)… As we all search for an explanation for the current state of affairs, i.e. how is it that we are even allowing this to continue? (In this context it is political behaviors, corporations in the US and around the world that I refer to). The fact is the world has been in a state of perpetual “madness” since the beginning of time. Different segments/sections of the planet ha

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