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Fall 2008 Newsletter ~ Fearless ~

The energy has been intense – the fear palpable in this country and around the world – fear has driven the human consciousness and Soul for so very long now – what seems to be an eternity in years and so the question is – are we now in a place; are we ready as a collective consciousness to move forward?

Let’s begin with decision making. Are you making decisions in your life based in fear? Are you afraid that you will not have enough money? Are you afraid that your country will be attacked by your enemy? What is your personal fear? If you are making any decision based in fear then it is the wrong decision. I’m not talking about jumping out of the way of a moving car when you experience that adrenal fear rush – of course not – I am referring to the everyday deep seated fears that we all face. Do you feel alone in this?

Fear is the deepest darkest tool of negative energy – call it what you will – but when you function and live in such a way that you are driven by fear – then the fear shuts you down emotionally i.e. on a Soul level and kicks you into base survival mode. Granted, again, if you are in immediate imminent danger – this is one thing – example; the bear in the woods is attacking – you use the adrenal fear rush to deal with the situation. But what has happened for many of us is we have not evolved – we believe that we are always in danger – we haven’t released from survival mode and moved into connecting with our internal compass – the one that God has provided us. When you live day to day in fear you are no longer in the creation process and you are truly separated from the Divine. Fear is the opposite of Faith – meaning that if you walk in the way of fear you believe on some level that you are in danger and that you walk alone in this world. It doesn’t matter if you have a spouse or significant other or a whole crop of friends – you feel alone.

Faith means releasing from personal control and remembering – first remembering – that we are connected to and a part of the Divine – always have been – and as such we have immediate access to; strength, hope, compassion, and love. With these tools we can live a fearless life – if we only open ourselves to it. It is then that we become a part of creation – fully, completely – here we work with positive life giving God energy, as opposed to fear based destructive energy. What will you choose? Yes you do get to choose.

Become aware of how active fear is. Just how pervasive. Guess what? You get to say no to that. If fear is being used as a tool to promote an idea, to influence your decision making or to manipulate you in a way that stimulates your survival fear instinct then take a time out – look for the hidden messages and undertones of manipulation. Envision for a moment that you are not in imminent immediate “danger” – you will become quickly aware of how we as a people can be cajoled into believing these things because the tool of fear is very powerful – but will you be a party to it?

Many of my client’s look at me with elucidation when I speak of Faith – I speak of taking time to develop a relationship with the Divine – everyday – every waking moment to become a walking prayer. Are you looking for an exercise in faith? This is one of your greatest opportunities to begin or to expand on your walk of faith. As you are experiencing this fear right now; whether it is for your country; your job; your personal finances; your children – just name it – I invite you to begin your prayer for guidance, for support; give this fear over to God. If necessary give it over again and again and again. As you do you are working to align with this loving life giving energy – and guess what? You become a part of it and you awaken that part of yourself– yes something positive and life giving – you become a part of the Faith and creation process rather than the fear process. Congratulations!

Did I say it was easy? It is never easy to release from control – it can literally feel as if the ground is falling below you and you are dropping into some great unknown abyss. Feel it – feel your process – allow for it – and release from the fear. And again, congratulations, you are now working with not only the Divine but the collective consciousness – oh did you forget? We are ALL connected together in the Divine….

So I return to that original question; have we evolved enough as a collective consciousness to release from fear and to become more than we have been – ever? Are we finally ready to move away from “warring mentality”; “power mentality” “greed mentality” “lying mentality” and into a shared culture of peace? Think that can’t be accomplished? Then you are not there, and the rest of us will lovingly work to support your journey.

Know this; goodness, love, and hope will prevail, as we work together to be more – to fully embrace this incredible gift of life and to treat ourselves and this planet with respect and love. That is the difference – when we remember that we are a part of creation and God – we remember our value and the value of the gift of this precious life and journey.

When we look into each others eyes; whether it be the eyes of a friend, a loved one, a stranger, a person in a position of power, or a political candidate – remember always, to look first, but always, always listen with your heart.

I invite you to reread the 2008 Universal message entitled "truth" on my website.

And please know;

“To the degree that we are able to free ourselves from our fears and limitations; and to the degree that our heart and Soul centers are healed – this is what will determine the outcome of our future”.

Blessings Always, Dear One, Carol

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