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2011 Year of Angels

This is a powerful year in the presence of Angels. Haven’t they always been with us?

Yes, but this is a special year of invitation to connect with and to honor the Angels. They are our helpers and our guides and we need only ask and we will be supported. Remember the Angels have existed since time immemorial and they are assigned to assist us and act as intermediaries to the Divine.

Once you personally invite them into your life you will experience the wonder of their support.

The number 11 is auspicious in that it is an Angel number. If over the years you have experienced an attraction to repeating numbers, such as those viewed on a clock, digital or otherwise, such as; 1:11, 2:22, 3:33 and so on, the Angels have been trying to get your attention in an attempt to connect with you.

There is a valuable website: which may resonate with you and serve to explain this phenomenon further. Also, try this: take the last two digits of the year you were born and add the age you will be this year. The number total for everyone is 111.

I invite you to explore this possibility. Another wonderful resource and someone who I have had the pleasure of connecting with recently is Kimberly Marooney. I have used her Angel Cards personally and in my practice for about 12 years now and have found them to be spot on, supportive and powerful.

Check out her site at:

Give your worries to the Angels It is time to heal your heart Every day’s a new beginning Where Love and hope can start Give your worries to the Angels Release your doubt & fear Trust in God to always be there With Angels always near.

Author unknown

Special Note: 111 is an important number relating to other worldly events and predictions. I believe the Angels use these numbers so we can receive not only, support, love and guidance, but also to invite us to connect more deeply to our Spirituality. I invite you to explore further…

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