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2014 Channeled Spiritual Healing Newsletter


We are a part of all that is. A part of the gift of this planet and as interrelated as blood. We are undeniably of the entirety of the Universe, of all that is.

Our planet is a part of us and we a part of our planet. And she is our home. And we are deeply and undeniably interconnected.

The Sun

Before the invention of the clock; before any device to measure time or the passing of the day – there existed nature’s time clock, nature itself spoke to us in her language.

Each day our mornings were measured by the rising of the sun. First daylight woke us and the setting of the sun guided us to sleep. Our sleep patterns were naturally determined by the rising and setting of the sun. Our days were guided by the movement of the sun, and this movement helped us determine how to set the natural rhythms and patterns in our daily lives; when to eat and when to start and complete tasks. The tasks that we completed based on the rhythms and patterns of our Sun ultimately allowed for our success for living, and for our survival.

And so… being in touch with the Sun guided our days, and not just to wake and fall asleep, and set the course for the day at hand, but also to measure the seasons. The sun guided us to determine when to move from one location to the next. We fashioned our days by the position of the sun in the sky and the strength of her heat, or lack thereof. We followed the sun, and her position in the sky in accordance with natural seasonal changes - to survive.

The Wind

The wind foretold of storms and in reading the wind, being “in touch” with her, we had a sense of when a storm might arrive and what kind; the severity, the intensity or lack thereof. The smell on the wind foretold of rain or fire. The wind ushered in seasonal changes. The wind – she was our guide.

The Stars

Even when we didn’t understand them intellectually and scientifically we were in awe and we tapped into our Spirituality – feeling and knowing we were a part of all that is.

And we still are.

We know this and yet we have come to rely on so many other things – devices, measures, technology; to tell us what is happening. We no longer connect on a deeper, guided level to nature and all her inherent wisdom as we have in the past. Why? Because we see ourselves as “evolved” and that connecting to nature is “primitive” and unnecessary. Someone else has figured it out (how to live, even thrive) for us, and with accuracy, at least to some extent. This is what we have been taught is intelligent, advanced and progressive.

So in this disconnection to and with nature, we have lost a deep part of ourselves. After all, in reality, we are a part of all that is.

In losing touch with the elemental and Universal we have lost a part of ourselves as well. We have lost a part of our understanding of how connected we are to this gift of a planet. We have forgotten about the deep interconnectedness that exists between us. That vital life extends between us. That what happens to one happens to the other on some level. We believe that we have “evolved” past the need to be “in touch” with grandmother earth and all that is.

Here is the danger and of this disconnection; we have come to believe that we can do whatever we want to our planet. After all, technology has got this, right? Wrong.

The Invitation

And so this is the invitation to reconnect on that elemental level to our gift of a planet, and for that matter the gift of this life and the Universe; of all that is. Observe her and her movements. The sun, the wind, the water, the earth, the stars. Feel and become part of her and all that is, once again, in a deep respectful way. Come to understand the truth of the connection.

And then we must strengthen ourselves through her. Breathe in, drink of, and touch the earth. Receive the strength – to prepare.

Now we prepare to fight for her – fight for her life. As we fight for her life we fight for our own lives; after all we a part of all that is.

Becoming Conscious and Taking Action

First consider the reality of the connection. Next review how disconnected you personally may be from the rhythms of our Universe. And then determine how in your own life you can make a difference. How your behavior can change in order to be a part of and in respect to our planet and all that is. Consider this; what action you take personally stands for something. And be sure that any action you take is based in genuine love and concern and respect for all that is. Violence has no place in this. Take simple steps and do not be harsh with yourself in the process. In fact, loving yourself in the process is of the Universe, and a part of the process.

Don’t know how to start? Get out in nature. Be still and silent. Pay attention to your surroundings. Receive. Next review how you live; do you live sustainably? Look at your own personal rhythms in your current daily life. How do you travel? – is it environmentally sound? What do you contribute to the carbon footprint and how can you reduce this? How and what do you eat? Is it clean healthy and basic “real” organic food? And then accept responsibility for who you are as a sentient being on this planet, live your life as such.

We are a part of all that is. We can reconnect to these gifts, even now when it may seem so unnecessary - it is absolutely needed.

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