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Evolving into the Spiritual Age

Spiritual Message received 11-20-20

We are moving quickly now into the Age of Aquarius – from Pisces into Aquarius. The world will release from the deep connection/conditioning of technology, into the Spiritual. Now is the time to be aware of this shift and what it will take for humanity to achieve this fully.

It is with Love and the extension of all positive actions associated with Love that we align with this change. The practical applications of Love include (but are not limited to); Compassion, patience, forgiveness, creativity, humbleness, release from control, release from smallness of self, release from fear and acceptance of change. Faith is a big part of our ability to change by embracing the reality/ understanding that we are humanity, AND we are Spirit/Soul beings in human form.

We came here to raise the vibration of Love and thus establish the reality that we are a part of the Divine. We are still making the choice – not to live in fear – but to live instead in faith. We will come to understand that to remain here on the planet we must evolve to this greater understanding; that we are connected to all things and a part of all that is.

We are a part of the Divine. WE must release to this reality to evolve our Souls. From a practical application – this means we must identify the counterparts of who we are and we must evolve with compassion, love and understanding. We must recognize that our health and our lives are inextricably connected to the Earth; all plant and animal life; and that which we do to all these things is a reflection of our Spiritual and even mental health. The way in which we treat our counterparts will benefit us if we treat the gift of life with love and great care.

What harm we do to our counterparts we do to ourselves. In the end we will evolve into the love and light – those who cannot shift into the Age of Aquarius will pass from the earth and those who remain – remain to heal her (Grandmother Earth). Blessed be the meek, the small, those suffering for their lives will open to the greatness of Divinity. AMEN.


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