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Truth (2008)

Oh Truth. The "real" state of things. How subjective, how difficult, how unclear. Your Truth is different than mine, or hers, or his or...or is it? All we are called to do is to strip down the personal ego and take a look at what is really real.

No easy task.

I recommend prayer "time" , meditation "time" *- quiet walks in nature to get to the bottom of your own truth. To be completely honest with yourself. How are you living your life? Is it one of integrity? Is your day absent of lies? Do you love unconditionally - including yourself? Do your words and actions belie your internal light? Are you willing to take action to change the current state of who you are and what you present to the world?

Know that you are not alone.

The Divine within each of us wants us to remember the Eternal connection that exists between our human experience and our Spiritual experience. With this connection we can come into alignment with living a life filled with honesty, truth and love. In all things.

Once we have aligned with Truth - we come together as humans - freer, truer and loving. We then all share in Universal Truth and free ourselves from the falseness that would bind us to our temporary ego state. This is a goal - to work toward and become beings of integrity. Beings of unconditional love. Beings without false fears.

This is about being fully present and saying "yes" to this life and to this human experience.

Come to remember and to Know that this life serves purpose in our connection to one another and the Divine. When we identify the truth in our lives and choose to live it we come into alignment with the Divine. Always remember that it is our goal to fully live this - this year's message of Truth is a large opening to this

Universal Truth.

*Prayer and meditation "time" ie. really, really take the time - make a concerted effort, daily or even several times a day, making it a walking prayer or meditation. OK even weekly if that's what you believe that can start with at first as you release from ego (cause that's what you are doing!) You will find the more frequently you practice the more you will receive internally - remember you're connecting with your Soul/Spirit self and the Divine in this practice. You will then be filled with new understanding about yourself and others. Just allow yourself to receive. You will find that you will receive strength and you will know you are supported as you release from any falseness in your life and embrace a life of integrity. You will find that you automatically increase your ability to be present in this world and that your capacity to give (love) increases exponentially.

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