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2012 Universal Message

“Love your amazing life story!”

I invite you to take a moment and revisit your life. You love your life. The resume’ of your life lists your history and accomplishments. See yourself lovingly. Remember your experiences back, as far as you can; the good, the bad, the love and the hurt. Recognize that this is how you have been formed, molded and influenced to become who you are today.

Be aware of the value of your life. Confirm all you have contributed simply by being. There is not one of us that does not affect the other in some way. We all play a part in the Divine Plan either consciously or despite ourselves.

Go now with no regrets, and recognize that you are a gift. Where you are today and what you are tomorrow is a culmination of all things in existence. How incredible to be a part of this Universe and all its Divine Laws!

Be grateful in your remembrance; feel it, know it and be grateful that all is your life

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