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Remembering Who We Are (once again)

September 2020

Have we have lost touch with our selves; our sensitivity, our relationship to each other and our connection to the earth? Over time, we have. We have been wounded by each other and the darkness (fear) that dwells within. When fear takes over our minds and hearts we diminish the power and reality of love. And suddenly we forget our connection to the Divine. Much time has passed, unconscious. How could we possibly forget? We’ve spent a lifetime nurturing our internal selves. Some have done this through their church, others through personal spiritual practice, and of course there are many pathways to our Divinity...

And then 2020. The world became scarier – threatening – we don’t feel safe.

So it’s time to wake up – choose faith over fear. Now.


We are surviving a pandemic – the likes which hasn’t been experienced since 1918 and the Spanish flu.

When we love one another during this time and are willing to learn to the lessons that this pandemic is teaching us – and even the current political climate is teaching us, we will not only survive this, we will rise above more aware, more enlightened and more in alignment with who we are. Human beings yes, but Spiritual Soul beings – our true selves; that which we came to this planet with and what we leave this planet with when we shed our physical robes.

Being safe in treacherous times requires love, Divinity, hope and the belief in the power of the good that can come from all this... In the end, this is what it is designed to do and it is what our internal selves - Our Souls - are calling us to do!

Be safe, be happy, be grateful and find your very internal best.

Walk in the light of God's love!


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