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The Evolving Condition of Humanity

June 2018

So what do the “sensitives” or “Highly Sensitive Persons”* do when the world has gone mad? Well, this one (me) went underground as many sensitives have. Here’s what the madness is designed to teach us. Right now I crawl out my protective cocoon long enough to share what truths I have received (spiritual messages)…

As we all search for an explanation for the current state of affairs, i.e. how is it that we are even allowing this to continue? (In this context it is political behaviors, corporations in the US and around the world that I refer to). The fact is the world has been in a state of perpetual “madness” since the beginning of time. Different segments/sections of the planet have been affected at different times in history. The madness remains until we evolve spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

How do we release from the stress, the imbalance? It is in making the “conscious” choice – to align with love. This is the power – the true power that we each hold as our inheritance and it is the connecting with the expression of love that manifests positive progress and evolution. This process is the “thing”; as this occurs in each individual, we evolve as human beings and Soul beings. This is when, and only when, positive change takes place or ever has taken place. So again the message is: Love one another. Love our planet. Love all living creatures; and respect all that exists of natural creation. We, right now, are called to this in our lifetime.

So I am speaking to everyone here; those who are in power, whether they be a leader of a country a company or corporation. Those who have the power to make thoughtful choices that will benefit all – this is your opportunity to influence the direction in which the world spins. This is not limited to those who hold power – the power to do the right thing, to bring forth that which will benefit the planet and humankind. Everyone, every country and every position in life must work to become conscious now.

The shift within each individual must take place. The God Soul must activate to certain truths. Without compassion, care and love for each other, all living creatures and the gift of this planet – we will suffer.

*Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)? Take this little test:


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