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A Path Through to the Other Side

2020 Pandemic

A Path through to the other side

April 2020

It is scary - but there is even more to be afraid of than the virus! Like the source. Which is unclear at this time - this is a wake up call. Remember that fear has a very negative effect on the immune system. So what do you do? Treat it like a pandemic - be very very smart. Limit trips to the store - wear a mask or scarf (maybe today the government will finally confirm this - I haven't watched the news yet). And speaking of news - limit the amount you watch. We know what this is and how to handle it already.

Watching too many negative news feed is like eating poison. Knock it off! Get your affairs in order. Love everyone - let them know you love them. Bring your attention to the beauty in this life and the Blessing of your Life. Turn from fear to faith. And if this is difficult, this is your opportunity to exercise your spiritual awareness - connect with your Divinity and be grateful for everyday that you are alive and healthy on this amazing planet! The virus isn't the only thing that is "real" –

What will you welcome into your life?

What are we learning?

That being with other human beings is a priority in our lives. That nature is a part of who we are and we need nature to get through this. That money is a tool and we don’t need to spend money every day. That the world didn’t end because our jobs ended. That our value is in who we are as human beings and not in what we do. We are learning to cook, we are learning to prioritize. We are learning new skills and we are realizing just how strong we are and how resourceful we are. We are learning that technology isn’t more important than other people, including ourselves. We are learning that we can’t continue to live unsustainable lives. We are learning that we can’t continue to live wasteful lives. We are learning that fear doesn’t help – it causes stress and shuts down the mind. That being in the present moment is the only place that we can be.

What have we learned? What do we know now that we didn’t know before?

That technology doesn’t replace human contact – it never could and it never will. Without human contact we suffer – isolation is not healthy mentally, physically, psychologically, even spiritually. We have learned that technology is our tool – and it is to be used as such. Technology doesn’t get to use us – we get to use “it”. We have learned that unless we work to heal our planet – we can never fully heal. We have learned that one pandemic could potentially become another if we don’t work to help heal the planet and that we can no longer be unconscious about our planet and what she needs to support us. We have learned that we are not separate from the planet as long as we are living on her. That fear is the opposite of faith. That without faith we succumb to the smallness of ourselves – the worst of ourselves instead of the best of ourselves.

What will we change? How are we more conscious?

We will appreciate each other and love one another because we know more deeply now the value of appreciation and love. We will develop a healthy respect for life. We will change our behavior to reflect this. We will stop wasting and purchasing and participating in unhealthy behaviors that affect our lives, our health and our planet. We will stop buying disposable plastic. Recyclable plastics are ending up in the ocean and all over the planet – so recycling is failing.*

By eliminating the use of single use plastic, for example, we can make change. By reinvesting in renewables to replace the plastics, such as hemp, we are cleaning up and promoting a healthier planet. We are becoming conscious by questioning what has been promoted to us as convenient, advanced, and freeing. Such as the use of fossil fuel vehicles (vs electric or other options and transportation), and technology that is untested (or tested and ignored by the industry that promotes it) and promoted , and the real effects it is having on ourselves and nature itself, such as wireless technology (2G, 3G, 4G, and now 5G). We are learning that we have the power to say no. We are learning that (in the US) we ARE the economy. We are what make this country work. Therefore we get to choose how we will participate in making the country work. We can think for ourselves and won’t rely on technology to think for us. We won’t rely or even trust that our government or many of our systems have our best interests and health at heart.

We will take back our health and our power by saying “no” to what is not healthy or sustainable. If we seek solutions and only allow what is good for our planet and therefore good for ourselves and our lives and our reality, then we are creating an environment which can support health – and healthy lives. In this we are saying yes to life, to our planet and each other. In this we are saying that we respect the gift of life and we will honor it.

*Recycled plastic waste in the United States and elsewhere in the world has been sold to other countries, such as China to dispose of and deal with – the end result? Plastic waste has been dumped into the ocean.


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