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Being Mindful (2007)

Being of Mind. Being of thought. Being of choices. We are the "Beings" and as corporeal, thinking, decision making, reasoning, perceptive Beings we must pay close attention to the details of our every day choices and how those choices will affect the collective - the community - human kind and animal kind. How we must walk the walk and talk the talk when we say we want to be a part of healthy REAL change. Grandfather sky, grandmother earth, mother waters, the creepy crawlers, the winged ones, the finned ones, the four legged are all asking us to be "Mindful". Actually they have been asking us to return to that level of consciousness for - well for what really could be considered "forever". Sometimes we humans are woefully slow to change and we accept the status quo because it is comfortable and convenient. But that is viewing life in a relatively Soulless fashion (ie disconnect from Soul knowledge, will and direction). Being mindful means to become aware of how our deep feelings (centered and connected in love) commune with our thoughts directly. Once in our mind we weigh our personal life circumstances and make a decision from there. We need to remember ourselves yes, but remember the intricacy and importance of our connection to all else and their is no "I". There is no "my family" and "but my family needs"....

Your family is the world community and no one is excluded from the equation.

And so when we are faced with making these everyday decisions, ie the feelings come up, go to the mind - depending now on what action you decide in your mind to take - that energy circles back down around into your Soul Center. You can now ask yourself one simple question; "Do I feel good? Is this right?" If you find yourself justifying your decision based in your own personal "truths" rather than "Universal Truths" you are blocking your feelings and stifling your Soul energy and disconnecting from your community. Is this going to be uncomfortable for you? For many of you, yes, and for all of us to varying extents. The beauty of the discomfort is growth. Either you become mindful and start to participate in the flow of life giving changes or you will be forced to do so despite your own resistance to it.

Time will tell.

*Carol's personal comments* Please keep in mind that this years Universal Message does not specify just "what" to be mindful about specifically. It is strictly about being mindful and for you, you must take it to heart and hear the message with your own heart in order to receive the direction. A strong part of this channeled information for me is centered in the environment. I can give you the perfect example of what is NOT environmentally mindful. I was watching a 20/20 episode and I would call it their "We're feeling really good about ourselves with this show" because it was on what "we can do to improve our environment". They traveled around the world reviewing global warming and it's effects and what people are doing in response to it. Yep they were feeling pretty good about themselves, and it does sound pretty good, doesn't it? Then came the cartoon commercial of a line drawing of a man holding a golden energy ball in his solar plexus and releasing it to the air - here it turned into a dove. What was the commercial for? Promoting "clean & reliable COAL" as a fuel source. This is not mindful. On the one hand this program promoted environmental awareness and respect for the earth and what we can all do as individuals to help our environment and in the next moment they have chosen sponsors promoting coal? Look it up -check it out - you will quickly become aware of the vast repercussions of using coal as an energy source.

This is a perfect example of not walking the walk and not talking the talk with regards to being loving stewards of our planet. How can you be mindful today? With regards to the environment there are so many simple things that we can do but the first thing we must do is educate ourselves. I would offer that if you haven't yet, simply get searching on the internet - and remember your feelings as they are your guide and are there to serve you well, if you will only honor them.

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