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Rebirth - Go with the flow (2009)

Goodness. Well just how much of all of this change can we take? It is currently the predominant energy so we can either resist and continue to attempt to control our personal environment or we can allow for the birth that is happening RIGHT NOW - physically, intellectually, psychologically, spiritually, and....

Go with the flow... think of the easiest way to birth - what resonates with you? Imagine a water birth and the rhythm of the oceans. Embrace Mother water and allow her energy to feed you and support this journey of (re)birth into the new environ. Just as the fluidity of our Mothers womb supported us as growing Soul babies, invite in Mother water to support this transition.

Does this sound abstract to you?

In the American Indian way we look to the wisdom of our environment - our planet and our universe and we honor and give thanks to every element and animal. Why do this? Because the American Indian has long since understood that we are not separate from our environment. Does this mean planet earth? Yes and much more. Planet earth and all that is. We are not separate from any of it - not superior - not inferior - simply a part of creation and all there is - all there was and all there is to come. And so as we invite an awareness within ourselves of our environment on all levels, we then come to embrace the reality that we are not separate from the Creator and never have been.

How do we do this?

Just as the many different faiths invite us to connect in prayer not only with the Creator (God) but the other Holy Ones, ie Jesus, Buddha, Angels, Saints etc. In the Native way, remember to honor this planet and the Universe with acknowledgement and gratitude in prayer for all that we receive. Ask in prayer for awareness of the eternal connection to all - so that you may release from a belief of separation - and embrace all possibilities - of creation, goodness and love in (re) birth.

We are being invited to be reborn on all levels - some of us even born (sans the mother's womb) for the first time. We are being invited now to really become aware that we are a part of all that is.

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