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2013 Universal Message Spiritual Revolution Leads to Spiritual Evolution

Our call to our Spirituality is great. If we haven’t taken it seriously before we are now. We are and have been questioning the old “religion” model for sometime; any and all religions. But what we are all interested right now is the bottom line truth of who we are, God’s will, and what we are supposed to be doing here that is for the betterment of our Souls and all humankind. And so we explore our one on one relationship with the Divine. We are in the process of revolution because we question. We are in discernment of what is best for all. Once discerned we make the necessary changes to release from anything that would keep us from our one on one relationship with the Divine. When we reach this; when we fully release from influences that would keep us from living and seeing one another with loving eyes and hearts, We evolve. We are called to it. Claiming our lives fully, and claiming Divine Will. Our focus turns inward so that we can be better present and aware outwardly. Aware of who we are. Aware of what we need to be doing. Aware that we are all connected. Aware that we need one another. Aware that we need to live in harmony with nature and not dominate her. Aware that our Soul evolution is why we came here. It is our Soul evolution in God.

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