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2013 Channeled Spiritual Healing Newsletter

A reflection on last year, insights into this year, and projected influences for next year.

The veil between dimensions thinned last year (2012). Jesus told me late last year:

"The veil is thinner between dimensions and the influence of evil great. Be prepared for this, but also remember that the Angels are with you always."

"They walk beside you and you have only to acknowledge them, and ask them for their assistance."

Baptism is critical. It is a sacrament in that it is a living and real connection to the Divine.

In my healing work I witnessed a running thread, a commonality last year between incidences of murder, suicide, drug overdose - loss of life and darkness.

The common link was NOT being baptized. So we are being asked, if not baptized, to give serious thought to engaging in this sacrament.

Without it there is vulnerability. Again this is based in my experience and what I witnessed in 2012.

Whatever your belief system, simply be with this, study what baptism is and consider the importance of this grace for yourself.

Releasing from control.

Great difficulty occurred in 2012 that required that we "go with the flow and roll with the punches"

This continues into 2013 - and in addition to this, and I quote my father, who said this to friends when he said goodbye; "Take 'er easy"

Upon reflection of all the difficulty in the world in general and in our own personal lives it came to me - not to take life so very seriously. This does not mean becoming irresponsible, it does not mean becoming lazy. It is simply the next level of "letting go" in preparation for our spiritual evolution now and in 2014. The more we cling to that which was, and the more that we cling to the expectation of others to be "something" that they can or cannot be; the more we attempt to control our lives and outcomes - especially if those control factors are based in power issues.

Whoa we are in for a world of difficult personal lessons - a magnitude that we have never experienced.

Resistance to change is futile. Resistance to what is real is foolish.

Continue to put good in the world - every day.

Treat those you have received from, benefited from and learned from with respect.

Love, love, love. We continue to learn the important lesson of loving ourselves and one another and our connection of love to each other in the Divine.

So to recap: go with the flow, roll with the punches, take 'er easy, the golden rule, goodness and love love love.

It all works together – trust me!

And oh how I love you...

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