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Sowing the Seeds of Change

Sowing the Seeds of Change

Sowing the Seeds of Life

Sowing the Seeds of Love

October 8th, 2018

Message received early morning:

“We are faced with fear everyday – intensely. It is robbing us of our energy and life force. We, each of us, have the power to change this. This very specific message is for healing and taking back our world and our lives. In this process, we will be putting the light – brilliant, unending, and eternal light of the Divine, into the world to heal and align our current situation so that we evolve as spiritual beings and human beings into the next level our Soul development.”

Specific instructions:

Love, love, love Love, love, love Love, love, love

It’s Easy

All you need is love, all you need is love All you need is love, love, love is all you need*

Why a classic Beatle song? I believe this was chosen specifically because it is an iconic song that is known around the world by generations of people.

What to do:

Sing this out loud or to yourself. Say it out loud or to yourself. Use technology which is our tool, to use wisely; to set a schedule or program or play the song. And no, it does not have to be the entire song – it is the lyrics listed above (or any part of it) that is most important. **

Many are you are familiar with Angel time. This is the experience of seeing repeated numbers on a clock such as 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22 etc. If you find yourself looking at a clock, and not necessarily to check the time, this is the Angels letting you know that they are present, real and here to assist you

The message of love as indicated above in “All you need is Love” is to be expressed (sung, spoken or played) out loud or to yourself at any of the following designated Angel times:

12:12 AM, 1:11 AM, 2:22 AM, 3:33 AM, 4:44 AM, 5:55 AM, 10:10 AM, 11:11 AM.

12:12 PM, 1:11 PM, 2:22 PM, 3:33 PM, 4:44 PM, 5:55 PM, 10:10 PM, 11:11 PM

Participate every day as you can at these moments in time. If you have the song in your head at any other time, extend it into the world as well. Keep in mind, however if you work with the Angels at any designated Angel Time as listed, you will feel their love and support as well. The charge of love will run through you as you do this. The more frequently done the better. We are to do this collectively beginning today October 8th until December 31st 2018, and you can continue beyond this date for as long as you like or feel compelled or inspired to do! When you receive this message is when you start. So this is not “oh I missed the start date!” You do not have to be concerned about the start date as you share this message with others. And please do, let’s share this around the world, you have the power. You have the power to heal the current extremely negative condition in the world today and more…!

Remember – as you extend your love into the world you are working with God. God energy. Divine light and love – this extends into all life giving and life supporting change and action. Injecting this song into our world is most effective at these designated times as there is a convergence of energies to support our efforts as we extend our love into the world – therefore Gods Love into the world.

Love knows no boundaries, countries, political parties, race, creed, color, or moral judgements for anyone and who they truly are as human, Soul and Spirit beings. There simply is nothing else – but healing Love.

And there is even more. As we dedicate ourselves to this practice, knowing that we have received a message from the Divine to support us and help us co/re-create the world as we know it, I received further information:

Using this pattern of song – in union with God’s Divine Grace, and with the help and support of the Angels, we are creating an “Archadian Rhythm” Much like the Arcadian sense of peace and tranquility; this is the “Arch” or bridge that connects ALL and the rhythm and patterning of our voices and energy - the tonal resonance that is created as we come together, brings us to our Divine desire/connection and our openness for change. And this change will happen:

“We release from the fear that has gripped us and we choose to embrace Love – to live Love– knowing this is real we let go of that which would harm us, or minimize us. We are now changing forever our path- into unity, peace and harmony as one world”.

As we sing our simple song of love we are in fact sowing the seeds of change, sowing the seeds of life and sowing the seeds of love. Spring is in our Hearts and Souls and Spirits to manifest this growth and change. It is in working with our Divinity and our birthright of love that we are saying “Yes” to the flow of change – our world and our Spirits are reshaping.

This is the real deal folks – I pray that this message is very well received, embraced and acted upon. Feel free to share your experiences with me and one another! We will see the world change for the better, before our very eyes!

*Written of course by John Lennon, credited to Lennon &McCartney and performed by the Beatles.

**This is the song that I received – if you feel compelled to choose another song with a strong message of love, then go deeply within and look for the message (song) from your Soul/Spirit.

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