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Prayer for Healing our World

Are you feeling like you can't do anything about the current world situation? The following prayer is a modified version of a prayer for self healing. In this prayer we lift all our voices and raise the vibration from darkness and despair - releasing from the fear - and aligning instead with Love - and proactively bringing Love into the world. You have the power. We have the power. Do not dismiss the reality of what Love injected into our the world can do. When we join together in this way we bring about the change that our Hearts, Spirits and Souls desire in alignment with God - with the Divine - and with our birth right of Divinity. You may have or currently participate in a designated prayer time, with a prayer group - where all voices and Souls come together at once and in union. You can do this with the "Prayer for Healing Our World" by saying the prayer at any given Angel time as discussed in the previous post - Sowing the Seeds of Change. When you see 1:11 or 2:22 etc. on your clock, phone, watch, simply say this prayer. Here we can bring our voices together. Also, simply say the prayer when you wish! Blessings - Carol


For Healing Our World

October 2018

We are of God

A Part of God’s Brilliant Light and Essence

We are not diminished

Darkness shall not befall our Spirits

We are Brilliant and we carry and inject Love into our world,

this planet and the Universe


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